Creation quaked voices
It was a cortege
Of mourning and lament ....

Even man he was a walking
Of innocents           Ted Hughes, Crow Tyrannosaurus

My work revolves around human – animal relationships.  I feel a close empathy with the natural world understood through a deep awareness of the underlying tension which exists between animals and between humans and animals.   This dynamic interaction is often destructive and complicated because we share the planet.  Our treatment of animals ranges from their consumption to the love we bestow on our pets. I am also struck by the continuous cycle of hardships endured by animals in the natural world and their struggle for survival within an ever changing planet.

My work is multi-disciplinary incorporating video, performance and imagery.  I use materials in a metaphorical way: feathers, sticks, pins and latex which juxtapose the natural and the man made forcing the viewer to stop, think and empathise with these eternal tensions.